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Starbird Security Solutions has been actively involved in the commercial and residential alarm industry for the past 22 years.  Experienced in all major manufacturers and several offshoots, Starbird Security has the experience you need to silence, disarm, add users or reprogram the main panel!

       CCTV is a huge part of your security system.  Starbird security has been installing, replacing, and upgrading entire video systems for the past 25 years.  From VCR's to DVR's, Film Spool to POE IP digital network accessible systems.  Numerous big name and smaller local banks and credit unions depend on Starbird Solutions daily for their expertise to reprogram users, run quarterly inspection tests and PM system, upgrade and add on equipment.  As well as relocate existing equipment and build entire systems from the ground up. We have numerous types of models, makes, versions, editions and extended models under our service that we can not mention all of them here

    Starbird Security has installed several very sophisticated systems in government buildings with hundreds of users running enterprise edition software.  We know you probably don't have that many users, but you can still get all the features of that costly enterprise edition software, for a fraction of the cost with our solutions.  If you do not want or need bells and whistles, then we aren't going to try to sell you them; but if you would like the rich interfacing and alert notifications driven by a system such as Total Connect, then you can be sure Starbird Security will make sure that you understand and are able to use each feature as to utilize your system and features to their full extent.

    Starbird Security is an expert on system integration and interfacing. We are a solutions provider and step in after other companies have failed.  With continued success, we are able to save the customer the cost of system upgrades by simply taking the time to understand the customer needs and having the knowledge and information about the product, we have been able to complete the customers request where other companies have told them their request were not possible given their current equipment.  Now some times additional hardware or upgrades are required, but you can be sure that you will be fully informed and given a written quote on such work before any work is started.   Starbird Security is a bulk dealer so you can bet we are going to get you the lowest price in town and be able to perform the install swiftly and correctly the first time.


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